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  1. ENTSO-E Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF) is a 1 to 10 year ahead Pan-European assessment of power system adequacy. It is based upon a state-of-the-art probabilistic analysis conducted using sophisticated market modelling tools
  2. ENTSO-E was formally established and given legal mandates by the EU's Third Energy Package, which was adopted in July 2009. Although the Third Energy Package did not formally apply until March 2011, ENTSO-E was created in December 2008 and fully operational as of July 2009
  3. ENTSO-E position paper on offshore development: market and regulatory issues. 14/10/2020. ENTSO-E Research, Development & Innovation Roadmap 2020 - 2030. 28/09/2020. ENTSO-E's 6 key recommendations to review the TEN-E Regulation. Past positions
  4. ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 42 electricity transmission system operators from 35 countries across Europe, thus extending beyond EU borders. ENTSO-E was established and given legal mandates by the EU's Third Package for the Internal energy market in 2009, which aims at further liberalising the gas and electricity markets in the EU
  5. this booklet with you. ENTSO-E at a Glance provides insights into our structure, our tasks, our ambitions, and our people. Throughout our mandate and during the next years, we want to focus on the participation of re-newables in the market, on the development of power regions, notably through regional securit
  6. Die Hauptaufgaben sind die Festlegung gemeinsamer Sicherheitsstandards und die Veröffentlichung eines Zehnjahresplanes zur Netzentwicklung (-> TYNDP ). Des Weiteren entwickelt ENTSO-E kommerzielle und technische Netzkodizes, um die Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit des Netzes zu gewährleisten und die Energieeffizienz sicherzustellen
  7. This is known as the Energy Identification Coding (EIC) scheme, approved by ENTSO-E for the harmonisation and implementation of standardised electronic data interchanges. The scheme is supported by a central issuing office (CIO - ENTSO-E's Secretariat) and ENTSO-E-authorised local issuing offices (LIOs) across Europe

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  1. For any maintenance request on ENTSO-E documents, please use the maintenance request form and send it to cim@entsoe.eu. Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) Documents Common Information Model (CIM) and CIM based documents. IEC 61970-301 Common information model (CIM) base . International Standard Ed6 since 2016. Document Common information model (CIM) base. IEC 61970-302 Common.
  2. Installed Capacity per Production Type Water Reservoirs and Hydro Storage Plants Actual Generation per Production Type Actual Generation per Generation Unit Generation Forecast - Day ahead Generation Forecasts for Wind and Solar Installed Capacity Per Production Unit. Installed Capacity per Production Type
  3. ENTSO-E approved the first version of the CIM based data exchange specfication for grid models in 2009, based on IEC CIM14 (UML14v02) and known as ENTSO-E Profile 1. Profile 1 is currently valid for ENTSO-E data exchanges until an approved version of the CGMES is implemented and comes into force
  4. ENTSO-E in 2019 This Annual Report covers the period from January to December 2019. It focuses on the legal mandates given to ENTSO-E. Activities covered in this report have been performed thanks to the 42 members of ENTSO-E who provide its financial resources and whose staff provides expertise.
  5. Structure of R&I planned activities. In line with the overarching R&I framework set by the European Commission in Horizon 2020 Programme, a challenge-based approach rather than the previous task-based one has been adopted for structuring the envisaged activities. Fig.: Main drivers for the revision of ENTSO-E R&I Roadmap structure . The format of clusters and functional objectives (FO) has.

Structure of R&I planned activities; Where we are today; Funding; Power in Transition Research, Development & Innovation roadmap 2017 - 2026. Download the full report (PDF, 2.6 MB) In a nutshell. Research and Innovation is the enabler for moving the energy transition forward. Sound research, development and ­innovation policies have to bring new technologies to a point at which markets will. Data Pre-5.1.15. Application Management and Settings. Data Administration. Monitoring. All. Data Views. Suggested Data Views. Total Load - Day Ahead / Actual Total Load Forecast - Week Ahead Total Load Forecast - Month Ahead Total Load Forecast - Year Ahead Forecast Margin - Year Ahead. Total Load - Day Ahead / Actual

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To request access to the Restful API, please register on the Transparency Platform and send an email to transparency@entsoe.eu with Restful API access in the subject line. Indicate the email address you entered during registration in the email body. The ENTSO-E Helpdesk will make their best efforts to respond to your request within 3 working days. Once access has been granted, after. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue Cortenbergh, 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel +32 2 741 09 50 • Fax +32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www.entsoe.eu European Network of THE ENTSO-E SCHEDULING SYSTEM (ESS) V4R1 Transmission System Operator Even if the structure of exchanges is rather stable, the exchange balance of ENTSO-E countries can fluctuate due to border capacities, market prices, market coupling and development of renewables. In 2015, 12 countries within the ENTSO-E perimeter exported more than 10 % of their annual national generation to neighbouring countries. Fourteen other countries of ENTSO-E imported more than 10 %. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the ENTSOE & ENTSOG TYNDP 2022 Scenarios Draft Storyline Report Stakeholder Consultation Webinar, which will take place on 2 December 2020, from 10:00 to 13:00 pm CEST. 28.09.2020 Webinar 'Power system needs in 2030 and 2040' On 10 August ENTSO-E released its system needs study, showing where new solutions for electricity exchange.

Another possible module structure is a half-bridge module with a chopper IGBT included in each module. Here, the first three bits will be used. ENTSO-E Standardized control interface for HVDC SIL/HIL conformity tests Figure 2: Numbering of IGBT inside the modules in every arm . ENTSO-E Standardized control interface for HVDC SIL/HIL conformity tests 3. Control layers and signals between the. Structure. ENTSOG operations are governed by its General Assembly, which leads the Association and has full powers to enable it to achieve its objectives. Its tasks include the admission of Members; the appointment of the Management Board, the General Director and Business Area Directors; the establishment of working and regional groups; and. About this annual report. ENTSO-E's Annual Report is a legally mandated deliverable, submitted to ACER for opinion. In line with ENTSO-E's key activity areas, it is structured as follows: 1 and 2. Internal Energy Market: this part is divided into activities related to. i) network codes and ii) the future power system; 3

34 based on a de-centralised structure, where Local Issuing Offices (LIO) across Europe issue 35 and manage EIC codes for the identification of entities, objects and areas in the energy 36 sector, while a Central Issuing Office (CIO) collects and publishes these codes centrally. 37 The Energy identification Coding Scheme is defined in the EIC Reference Manual (Section 38 8). The Reference. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue de Cortenbergh, 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel +32 2 741 09 50 • Fax +32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www.entsoe.eu 1 ENTSO-E EIC data exchange implementation guide 2015-06-12 VERSION 1. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue de Cortenbergh 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel + 32 2 741 09 50 • Fax + 32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www. entsoe.eu All CE TSOs' proposal for additional properties of FCR in accordance with Article 154(2) of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 of 2 August 2017 establishing a guideline o

PT CGM WP-1 (Methodologies) CGMM-v04-for-public-consultation p. 6 / 134 115 1.2 GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE116 AND SCOPE OF APPLICATION 117 118 Following approval by all regulatory authorities [GL CACM Article 9 (6) (c) (GLPDM) and (d) 119 (CGMM))], the present CGMM as well as the accompanying GLDPM will be binding in all 120 jurisdictions in which the GL CACM is in force The above diagram summarises how this document is structured. Section 3 describes the methodology for the calculation of Unit Transmission Tariffs and the definition of the base case. Section 4 outlines the main characteristics of the TSO tariffs considered in the calculation of the Unit Transmission Tariffs. Section 5 provides detail on the costs that have been considered in the calculation.

4/11/2020. Complementary Annex to ENTSO-E's 6 key recommendations to review the TEN-E Regulation. 15/10/2020. ENTSO-E position paper on offshore development: market and regulatory issues. 14/10/2020 The tariff structure should stimulate efficient behavior for grid users The tariff structures should, among other things, reflect current market development: i.e. an increase in power base of tariffs and growing importance of locational aspects, etc The tariff structure should ensure full cost recovery for the TS ENTSOE is the European Network of Transport System Operators for Electricy. As an international structure, it define rules and trading principles of electricity in the European continent. Since a couple of years, its electronic data interface workgroup aim to define a standard for improving data interchange between local Transport System Operators (TSOs). Energy Identification Codes are known. Expected structure of the six RSCs by end of 2017. ENTSO-E's Vision for Regions . Regional Cooperation and Governance . ENTSO-E's vision is that of policy regions bringing political, regulatory, technical, and commercial competences together. As detailed in our policy paper released in April 2016, energy policy regions are based on historical, geographical, and market cooperation.

European Network of Transmission System Operators for

  1. Contact us: @ENTSO_E | info@entsoe.eu | +32 2 741 09 50 | www.entsoe.eu. ENTSO-E in figures . 43 TSOs. operating electricity ­ systems & facilitating power markets in. 36 countries ( EU + 8 ) ± 435 TWh of electricity exchanged across borders ± 480,000 km of interconnections. This is more than the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Highest load 581 TW Lowest load 265 TW. Download.
  2. Explore the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform structure and find desired information. Back to previous pag
  3. Regionalisation pursues a great variety of objectives and forms a broad range of structures, processes and tools. Some regional projects, such as enhancing cross-border system operation coordination or organising pan-European electricity short term markets, require formal structures. Other initiatives, for instance, infrastructure development cooperation, are based on lighter multilateral.
  4. In line with ENTSO-E's key activity areas, it is structured as follows: 1 and 2. Internal Energy Market: this part is divided into activities related to i) network codes and ii) the future power system; 3. Develop a new ICT approach and capability, including cyber-security; 4. Develop the DSO partnership; 5. Coordinate and facilitate regional developments; 6. Develop transparency and trust.
  5. For completion of the IEM, it is important to analyse the robustness of this structure and whether it is appropriate for future market needs. An efficient configuration of bidding zones maximises social welfare by optimising electricity exchanges across Europe. Since 2012, ENTSO-E and the TSOs of central Europe have been working on the early implementation of CACM Article 34, via a pilot.
  6. It is structured as follows: The introductory paragraph describes better regulation paradigms and the value-added of voluntary cooperation. It emphasises the implementation imperative, addresses the changing roles of ACER and ENTSO-E, and highlights regulatory gaps occurring in markets, regional cooperation, and security of electricity supply. Here, the main regulatory recommendations of the.
  7. ing the risk of exhaustion for FCR [185.3] - Ramping period [185.5] - Load frequency control structures [186.1] - Dimensioning approach for FCR [187.1] - FCR.

Tariff Structures to Evolve Away from Consumption-based Pattern Alone ; A Regional and European Framework for RES and Technology Development ; Linking of Wholesale and Retail Markets; Replace Static Consumption Profiles with Time-of-use Settlement and Enlarge Customers' Choice on Contracts and Services ; Remove Barriers to Demand-side Response Contracts and Services ; Develop Tso-dso Co. improving the quality and self-supporting structure of the CIM/CGMES datasets made available when publishing the TYNDP (for example: precise location - i.e. geographical coordinates - of network elements and if not confidential of non-distributed generation facilities, true commissioning dates or at least better distinction between projects close to commissioning and those still under. Although the overall governance structure of the single intraday and day-ahead coupling has been previously agreed, the governance principles were jointly agreed by NEMOs and TSOs in the first quarter of 2019. This work helps jointly organise the further development of the market coupling by defining the responsible bodies and classifying of the decisions to be taken by each body, as well as. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue de Cortenbergh, 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel +32 2 741 09 50 • Fax +32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www.entsoe.eu 2017-03-23 VERSION 2.1 ENTSO-E GENERATION AND LOAD SHIFT KEY IMPLEMENTATION GUID ENTSO-E | Rue de Spa, 8 | 1000 Brussels | info@entsoe.eu | www.entsoe.eu | @entso_e 3 Minutes 1. Approval of the agenda and minutes 1.1 Draft agenda is approved. 1.2 All TSOs minutes and MC minutes of the last meeting are approved. The Secretariat checks who is present in the call and points out that the quorum is met (33 out of 38 appointed MC members were present at the beginning of meeting.

entsog / entsoe Power to Gas - A Sector Coupling Perspective To date, the electricity transmission grid and currently available technologies efficiently integrated renewable sources of electricity into the power system Explore the Entso-E Transparency Platform structure and find desired information. Back to previous page. Home Dashboard; News; Load Total Load - Day Ahead / Actual; Total Load Forecast - Week Ahead; Total Load Forecast - Month Ahead; Total Load Forecast - Year Ahead; Forecast Margin - Year Ahead ; Generation Installed Capacity per Production Type; Water Reservoirs and Hydro Storage Plants.

The supporting paper is structured within the framework for all System Operation Network Codes supporting papers as follows: Background: Chapter 2 introduces the legal framework within which the System Operation Network Codes have been developed and complies with the requirements of the Framework Guidelines on System Operation (FG SO [1]) regarding the NC LFCR developed by the Agency for the. Structure of the European Resource Adequacy Assessment methodology Whereas Article 1 Subject matter and scope Article 2 Definitions and interpretation Article 3 Scenario Framework Article 4 European Resource Adequacy Assessment -Description Article 5 Data Collection Article 6 Economic viability assessments Article 7 Outputs, Results and Conclusions Article 8 Stakeholder Interaction Article 9.

European Power Exchange (EPEX SPOT) SE is an electric power exchange operating in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.. EPEX SPOT SE is a company under European law based in Paris (France) with offices in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Bern (Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium), London. Report structure › Chapter 1 describes the implementation of System Oper-ation legally-mandated tasks. Many deliverables under the System Operation Guideline have been submitted, and activities stemming from the Emergency and Restoration Code were carried out in 2019. The chapter also outline ENTSO-E | Rue de Spa, 8 | 1000 Brussels | info@entsoe.eu | www.entsoe.eu | @entso_e 2 Improvement to the Internal Communication, the enhancement of the Committee's/LRG Organisational Structure and of the transparency of ENTSO-E bodies decisions. The Chair of the Board outlines some other points that the Board has addressed lately, namely th ENTSO-E and DSO associations CEDEC, E.DSO, Eurelectric and Geode have signed up to continue the cooperative work that has been going on since 2015. The priority is to achieve a common vision on active system management, so as to integrate all distributed resources and new service providers in the electricity system and market.This will ensure system security and create value for the customer

Innovation brings new opportunities to invest and creates new opportunities for new business models. However, without effective and efficient regulatory framework it is difficult to invest into new technologies. In the past, regulation of gas networks was mainly meant to foster competition and improve efficiency. Currently, it is generally believed that regulation can also facilitate the. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue Cortenbergh 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel +32 2 741 09 50 • Fax +32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www.entsoe.eu European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity COMPLIANCE AUDIT REPORT 8. - 9.11.201 structure are forcing TSOs to search for the best balance between investing in new power technologies on one hand, while optimising performances and increasing the lifetime of existing ones on the other. - The TSO/DSO interface should receive significant at-tention to increase system observability and enhanc

Structural bottleneck in both visions, with high loadings already in N condition. High flows for import into BE and south-north transit, Planned nuclear phase out in Belgium emphasizes impact on eastern 400 kV axis. #173 #280: Germany - Luxembourg: Occasional bottleneck in Vision 1: Transit flow Germany-Luxemburg-Belgium in both directions Structure; Members map; Members list; Join us; Jobs; Working Groups; Events. GEODE events; External events; Publications; Contact; The voice of local energy distributors across Europe. Events; News; Publications; Our members; Our Mission; Latest news. GEODE News. 11 Feb 2021. Parliament gives its go-ahead and Council adopts the €672.5 billion Recovery and Resilience Facility . GEODE News. 15.


The Energy Identification Coding scheme (EIC) is standardised and maintained by ENTSO-E who acts as Central Issuing Office (CIO). ENTSOE, as CIO, have developed an EIC Short Guide & FAQ document, which can be found at this link About ENTSO-E ENTSO-E is the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. ENTSO-E coordinates the cross-border system operations, system development and electricity market activities of the 42 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) which cover 35 countries. ENTSO-E was established and given legal mandates by the EU'..

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In addition, following structural trends will impact on the way the power system operates: Massive technology changes induce the deployment of new energy resources that will complexify system operation; The roles in the system are evolving, requiring the development of new rules to unleash the value they offer to the system, in particular active consumers; The speed of upgrading the network is. Positions and Consultation Responses. ENTSOG's formal responses to consultations and positions on various topics are available here. These are prepared is to enhance transparency and facilitate information sharing following our external activities This article is structured as follows: We start by providing background on the data platform (Section 2) and briefly outlining our methodology (Section 3). We then discuss data quality (Section 4) and usability, where we suggest a number of improvements (Section 5). Section 6 concludes. 2. About the ENTSO-E Transparency Platfor

Energy Identification Codes (EICs

  1. To that end, this Regulation addresses the LFC structure and operational rules, the quality criteria and targets, the reserve dimensioning, the reserve exchange, sharing and distribution and the monitoring related to LFC. (15) Synchronous areas do not stop at the Union's borders and can include the territory of third countries. The Union, Member States and TSOs should aim for secure system.
  2. ary studies, debate, studies, consolidation and approval. See the role each participant plays in the various planning phases here (Available only in Spanish)
  3. 2.2 Ownership Structure of Polish Energy Companies Most of the Polish power companies continue to be owned by the State Treasury. The Treasury wholly owns PSE (the transmission system operator, or TSO), and holds a majority share in PGE, Energa, and Enea. Tauron is the only one of the four energy giants not 7 Energy Regulatory Office, 2016a
  4. 1.5 Structure of this Annex 8 1.6 Definitions 8. 2 Operational agreements 10. 2.1 Structure of agreements in relation to operation of the Nordic synchronous area 10 2.2 Synchronous area operational agreement 10 2.3 LFC block operational agreement 12 2.4 LFC area operational agreement 13 2.5 Monitoring area operational agreement 13 2.6 Imbalance netting agreement 14 2.7 Cross-border FRR.
  5. Regional or cross-regional adequacy assessments are needed to identify adequacy risks while accounting for the structural heterogeneity of European power systems. Risk preparedness for electricity is deeply rooted in delivering system adequacy and ensuring system security in operational planning and system operation (e.g., in the form of adequacy planning, defence and restoration plans.
  6. Therefore, any new market structure which enables access to new participants, such as small-scale loads, valorise flexibility and lower the barriers to entry. This will increase the flexibility resources accessible. NODES has gone commercial in early 2019, but is not implemented full-scale yet. It's part of a wide range of demonstrations in both Norway and Germany. Results from pilots run on.
  7. Even if the structure of exchanges is rather stable, the exchange balance of ENTSO-E countries can fluctuate due to border capaci-ties, market prices, market coupling and development of renewa-bles. In 2015, 12 countries within the ENTSO-E perimeter exported more than 10 % of their annual national generation to neighbour- ing countries. Fourteen other countries of ENTSO-E imported more than 10.

Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) Librar

This document structures uncertainties/futures, options/strategies and corresponding boundary conditions for the implementation of EHS that were identified in the different tasks of WP1, in particular technological, economical, political, socio- political and environmental uncertainties and options. The reports from the different WP1 Milestones are confidential but can be accessible upon. 2 ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue Cortenbergh 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel +32 2 741 09 50 • Fax +32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www.entsoe.eu TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 The Network Code Implementation and Monitoring Group (NC IMG) is a forum for high level strategic coordination between the European Commission, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) structural shortages in generation in the winter period (1 November to 31 March). Functioning of the strategic reserve: Managed by Elia and renewed each year through a tendering process; Two types of participants: Strategic Generation Reserve (SGR) supplied by generators in the Belgian control area that have already been shut down; Strategic Demand Reserve (SDR) consists in load shedding. ENTSO-E will ensure that regional structures deliver in due time and ensure the interoperability of all RSCIs. ENTSO-E's regional and Europe-wide system adequacy methodology should become the basis for enhancements of market design, security of supply and market integration at a regional and European level, providing a consistent approach for more detailed Member States' assessments.

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  1. ed network investment/project reinforcement. Reference network The network that includes all investments needed to reach the level of transfer capacity set as reference for a specific scenario and time horizon. The reference network guides the application of the TOOT and PINT principles.
  2. The e-Highway2050 project consortium brings together the expertise of partners from academia, industry, research and society in general across Europe. A total of 28 partners throughout Europe are cooperating on e-Highway2050 via nine different work packages, which, in turn, are networked with numerous third-party partners
  3. (9) ENTSO-E structures and regional agreements, provisions and methodologies listed in Article 6(2) and 6(3) of SO GL and in particular the synchronous area agreements implemented in line with Article 118 of SO GL including as applicable the agreements with TSOs not bound by th

Network Codes. and Guidelines. Regulation (EC) No 715/2009 requires European-wide Network Codes ('NC') to be developed by ENTSOG for cross-border network issues and market integration issues. The development phase of the NCs (as well as the EC Guidelines) is now finished. ENTSOG is required to monitor and analyse the implementation of NCs. The planning process is a participatory process conducted by Spain's General State Administration, its autonomous communities, its National Commission on Markets and Competition, Red Eléctrica de España and all of the sector actors. Society as a whole is also given a say in information and consultation processes Contact us: @ENTSO_E | info@entsoe.eu | +32 2 741 09 50 | www.entsoe.eu ABOUT THIS ANNUAL REPORT ENTSO-E's Annual Report is a legally mandated deliverable, submitted to ACER for opinion. In line with ENTSO-E's key activity areas, it is structured as follows: 1 and 2. Internal Energy Market: this part is divided into activities related to i) network codes and ii) the future power system; 3. Structure of R&I planned activities; Where we are today; Funding; Where we are today State of affairs. Download the full report (PDF, 2.6 MB) This Roadmap includes also the monitoring and assessment of R&I efforts, (see Section Where we are today, p. 44 and Appendix 3, p. 94) which covers the following perspectives:.

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Intervention Day 2 - Session 4 TSO-DSO cooperation for the future of energy infrastructure Laurent Schmitt Infrastructure Forum Copenhagen. 24 May 201 ENTSO-E | Rue de Spa, 8 | 1000 Brussels | info@entsoe.eu | www.entsoe.eu | @entso_e Page 2 of 75 CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY..... 4 1.1 Key messages..4 1.2 Future capacity needs..6 2. INTRODUCTION.. 10 2.1 Regional Investment Plans as foundation for the TYNDP 2020.. 10 2.2 Legal requirements..... 11 2.3 Scope and structure of the Regional Investment Plans.. 12 2.4 General. SEO Keyword summary for www.entsoe.eu. Keywords are extracted from the main content of your website and are the primary indicator of the words this page could rank for. By frequenty count we expect your focus keyword to be entso-e. Focus keyword. Short and long tail. Short Tail Keywords entso-e future all: long Tail Keywords (2 words) data sharing12102020vision power system system webinar. The structure of these statistics is similar to the 2006 statistics. Although this summary originates from the Nordic co-operation that has aimed to use the combined experience from the five countries regarding the design and operation of their respective power systems, other ENTSO-E countries are encouraged to participate in the statistics as well. The material in the statistics covers the. ENTSO-E AISBL • Avenue de Cortenbergh 100 • 1000 Brussels • Belgium • Tel + 32 2 741 09 50 • Fax + 32 2 741 09 51 • info@entsoe.eu • www. entsoe.eu All TSOs' proposal for the Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR) relating to Data Exchange in accordance wit

ENTSO-E - Annual Report 2019 - Introduction ENTSO-E

Structure of R&I planned activities — R&I Roadmap 2017 - 202

ENTSO-E - Research, Development & Innovation roadmap 2017

ENTSOG, as required by Regulation (EC) 715/2009, publishes its Annual Work Programme (AWP) and Annual Report annually to inform stakeholders. The Annual Report assesses ENTSOG's work and achievements retrospectively for each given year and provides an opportunity for comparing the delivered results against the AWP 6. Develop transparency and trust, including stakeholder engagement activities. The resources used to deliver these objectives are detailed in Annex 1. The activities described in this report were delivered thanks to the collective work of ENTSO-E's 43 member TSOs and ENTSO-E's Secretariat based in Brussels To analyse the robustness of this structure, and whether it is appropriate for future market needs, the CACM Regulation foresees regular assessments and possible review of the existing configuration. Figure 2: Bidding zones configuration. The 2018 technical report on bidding zones configuration. Article 34 of the CACM Regulation requires ACER to conduct an efficiency assessment of the current. The interaction of these sectors is necessary to meet its climate change targets. ENTSOG is working closely with its Members to develop innovative products and services to facilitate the future role of gas in the overall European energy mix and to meet climate change targets

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Authors of the document EUREL Task Force Electrical Power Vision 2040 Günther Brauner, TU Wien Wiliam D'Haeseleer, KU Leuven Willy Gehrer, EUREL, Past President Wolfgang Glaunsinger, VDE |ETG Thilo Krause, ETH Zürich Henning Kaul, former Member of Bavarian Parliament Martin Kleimaier, VDE |ETG W. L. Kling, TU Eindhoven Horst Michael Prasser, ETH Zürich. D2.1 State of Art Report - Market Participant Interoperability (M3, OFF) Structure the further tasks of WP2 with a list of use cases, interface descriptions, and information that is exchanged, reflecting investigations of Task 2.1 into literature and the DSO community. Use cases and descriptions are critically evaluated in order to determine their suitability with regard to the scope of the WP

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Funding, resources and regulatory framework | R&I Roadmap

Electricity in Europe 2015 - ENTSO-E

Planning the future grid - TYND

A Preliminary Risk Assessment of Geomagnetically Induced
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